Audience size and potential for engagement are key when it comes online marketing, that’s a constant in this business. The more eyeballs you get on your content, the more likely they are to consume it, and eventually convert from it. And when one is to consider the possible platforms for video content marketing that are readily available to any business, two websites regularly top the list in terms of audience size and potential for engagement: YouTube and Vimeo.

Accordingly, for those just dipping their toes in the deep and turbid waters of video content marketing, the question of where to invest your videos for maximum reach can be a tricky one. In fact I’ve had more than one client ask me just the over the past few months what the best solution is between the two; and my answer is always a definitive:

“well.. it depends”

Are you a production expert? Capable of crafting breathtaking video content with just the right amount of panache?

Or, are you the “Handheld How-To” type? Interested more in the quality of your video information rather than the quality of your video resolution?

After having the same conversation more than once with varied informational outcomes, the team at Wpromote decided to craft an infographic that would help both big business and small business owners alike navigate the medium of video, and evaluate the prospects for an internet audience for their content.

YouTube Vs. Vimeo, Which One Fits Your Video Marketing Needs? image wpromote youtube vimeo ig 032714 01

While it is quite obvious that we (unofficially, I must add) declared YouTube the winner in this match-up between video platforms, we also realize that every business has its own unique needs and will cater to its own unique audience. However, it cannot be denied that the potential for maximum exposure sits squarely in YouTube’s corner.

While everyone who engages in video marketing for B2B or eCommerce dreams of the kind of universal recognition (and sometimes wanton controversy) that be-falls the “Goldibloxes” and “Dollar Shave Clubs” and “Old Spices” of the internet advertising world; the reality of using video for your business is a little less “Michael Bay” and a lot more “Wes Anderson.”

In other words: explosions and hype are cool and all, but the key to “the goods” in video marketing is building your own loyal audience using your own unique style.