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Rainmaker Reputation Local Search helps Main Street businesses compete in the digital channels with the big players, thru creative marketing strategies built on often overlooked and evolving technical advantages.

RainmakerReputation.com is looking for the below positions in Austin, Tx to be filled.

Content Editor:

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Responsibilities will include working with the Social, Product and Marketing teams to support visual marketing strategies by development and execution of still photography and videography assets to be used in cohesive advertising, marketing, public relations, product educational, brand identity and content creation strategies. Video/Photo projects to provide a wide variety of consumer and trade support for online, print, in-store, video & social media spaces. In creation of video and other visual assets, collaborate with external agencies and internal creative team members to execute communication and marketing strategies.


  • Generate content for videos, articles, digital and more to be used on branded & customer websites and social media
  • Refine and repurpose existing creative assets to refresh or reflect audience/platforms
  • Collaborate in the development and implementation of branding and sales generating campaigns
  • Partner with the Marketing team in the selection, organization and classification of photos shot in-house and from third parties from a creative, quality and usage rights perspective
  • Implement video creation from concept/ideation to shooting and editing using company’s equipment
  • Collaborate on and execute photo creation for the digital landscape including product and lifestyle imagery
  • Support video shooting @ larger photo shoot athlete/productions
  • Execute photo and video retouching of 3rdparty content
  • Manage audio composition and generation: Voice over editions, Music edition and sound restoration
  • Collaborate on visual direction for new digital campaigns
  • Support Key Account/Company/Sales/BOD presentations


  • Bachelors Degree in Communications/New Media, Video Production, Graphic Design, Marketing or equivalent experience.
  • 2-4 Years professional experience in marketing communications, video editing, social and digital content creation.
  • Proven collaboration skills that enhance teamwork and alignment of goals.
  • Knowledge for working with/on multiple brands/projects, each with their own look and voice.
  • Excellent written/verbal communication skills, able to convey creative concepts to team members, and our clients.
  • Awareness/interest in current/future digital trends (an eye for News).
  • Strong time management skills, independent self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit (Self starters are rewarded for their initiative).
  • Ability to work in a fast pace environment
  • Possesses a passion for the unique culture of Austin.
  • Super organized with attention to detail a must.
  • Strong understanding of digital content applications and specifications.
  • Willingness to shoot and edit day-to-day photos, videos and GIFs for digital platforms (Your Mobile phone can create most of the content we require).
  • Proficient at producing video content with your Mobile device, including shooting and editing.

Local Content Creator:

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This is an unconventional part time Entry Level Position, flexible and perfect for someone who likes to work on their own schedule.  Responsibilities will include shooting mobile phone video of landmarks and occasionally events of interest in the city of Austin.  Video will be delivered to our content editor for production syndication to our many content channels in person at first, until you have gotten the hang of what the expectations are in the content.


  • Checking in daily with our content editor for local Austin events that need adequate mobile video shot
  • Travel to these Austin locales to shoot video and digital images with GEO targeting turned on on capable mobile devices.
  • Shoot multiple videos from many angles and subject matters at these events
  • Upload video and images to a Google Photo account


  • High School degree.
  • You own your own mode of economical transportation (no gas guzzling vehicles, your mileage will be reimbursed), can get to events on time.
  • Competency in working with your Mobile Device to produce eye catching Video and Digital photo content.
  • Proven collaboration skills that enhance teamwork and alignment of goals.
  • Good knowledge of the city of Austin, knowing where important landmarks and major corporations reside.
  • Excellent written/verbal communication skills, able to convey the details of the digital content you have created.
  • Awareness/interest in current stand out social media platforms, a willingness to post your content to your own social media channels will be favored over those who do not.
  • Strong time management skills, commitment to punctuality for these events that start at specific times and dates.
  • Ability to work in a fast pace environment
  • Possesses a passion for the unique culture of Austin, which will help you have an eye for news, and the noteworthy.
  • Super organized with attention to detail a must.
  • Strong understanding of digital content applications and specifications.
  • This position is perfect for someone who enjoys being out and about, likes to be where people are week in and week out in Austin Tx.


This is a weekly paying part time position at $200 per week, plus reimbursement for travel expenses (Gas Mileage)

Sound good to you?  Great!  Would you like to know right now if this gig is for you?  Click this link to demonstrate to us that you can handle the typical instructions of the work involved right now.