This is unconventional, but it’s an unconventional position.

In order for us to select the correct candidate, and to make sure we are not wasteful with applicant’s time, we have a simple To Do list below.  If you as the applicant can complete these steps, we can feel more confident in going forward with the in-person interview step.

Completing this quick To Do list will also give us confidence that the applicant has the tools to handle the day to day work for the position.  Good luck, we hope to hear from you.

Step 1:  Enable your mobile device for GEO-tagging/GPS GEOlocation.

Step 2:  Test your effort on Step 1 by taking a picture with your mobile device, and check to make sure the Longitude and Latitude data are embedded in the image’s meta data.

Step 3:  Take a picture of any Street sign on any block in Austin Tx, with the GEO-tagging turned on. By doing this, we can verify you followed the instructions, as well as confirm that you live in Austin. NOTE: use the “thirds” rule of composition for the street sign picture… place the Street sign in the frame of the picture to be just to the left or the right of the center of the frame.

Step 4:  Send the Street sign image to this twitter account via a tweet:  

(This proves to us you are somewhat social media knowledgeable for the job)

Step 5: Attach your resume and introduce yourself with a brief paragraph (demonstrate you are a good communicator) using the contact form below. NOTE: Include a link to your Twitter post of your street sign photo, so we can match your test image with your resume.