Video Marketing

Use Facebook Video Ads Throughout Your Sales Funnel Effectively

Video is powerful. It’s the most accessible and loved medium going right now for marketers.

Social Media Examiner has a terrific breakdown of Facebook Video Ads you should check out

A common error is trying to go for the sale on your first touch in a social sharing platform like Facebook, where people are more inclined to be social than engage in commerce right away.    The best campaigns in my experience do what that article suggests.

Think about your customer, who they are and the MOOD they are likely in while on Facebook. Most of the time, your potential prospect is liking cute animal videos. It’s important to look at your digital marketing efforts as starting a lifelong relationship.   When was the last time you sold something after 5 minutes of a first impression?  Not saying you can’ t do it, but it is much tougher when the meeting is in a Facebook post, not an eye to eye meeting.  It doesn’t bode well to hit up this person with a direct-response campaign without an introduction. So how do you start off the relationship with some earned trust?

Warming them up first, establish your bona fides with some valuable and likeable engaging advice or a unique and valuable tip.  Weave your story in this helpful information so that the prospect can feel confident in taking action with your suggestion.

Follow it up with retargeting, as the article suggests, and those folks who appreciate your content will once again self select, raise their hand to say “I’m interested” and click your retargeting ad.

Hitting just these two metrics in this way is a great start to your efforts to match your message, your solution to your audience’s problem.

Give it a go, or give us a call at 1-888-406-3484 and we can handle everything for you.  This formula is pretty plug and play, works for every niche we’ve tried it in, as it is built on understanding your prospect, and building a real relationship.  Hitting those goals of relationship building does wonders for any business that wants lifelong customers who will give you good reviews.