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Attention Local Business Owner!
I want to send you new customers in Austin Texas!
And if I can’t I will pay you back DOUBLE what you paid…


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…Yes really, keep reading and you’ll see how

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It all starts in Google

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Right now thousands of people in your area searching for businesses offering the services you sell. The only catch is they are finding your competition because you are not showing up on the first page…

We can change that!

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But first, let’s introduce a groovy concept that can change your business…

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Could The ‘One Percent Advantage’ Be Your Next Breakthrough? 

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The ‘One Percent Advantage’ is this particular phenomenon that shows, over time, a cumalitive advantage of even just 1% over your competition, can be all you need to succeed in many competitive markets.

It’s a big reason why if you know anyone with a Local Business who has a #1 rankings for relevant keywords, their phone is always ringing. It’s why if they are good people who deliver great service, their customers come back to them. The one percent advantage works particularly well with Local Search. Here’s why…

For instance, in 10 years, a competitor with only a consistent 1% advantage would not have grown by 1 percent, but by 1 percent of the previous years total, including all previous one percent gains.

Let’s ask ourselves this question… where is your site’s Google Map ranking right now for the most obvious Search Phrase for the Service you offer?
If you are ranked anywhere on Page 2 or later, it means 91% of people in YOUR area who should be able to find you, are not. 91% of searchers and seekers of your service NEVER go to page 2. Assume we know how to change that (we do!) and your site is in the top 3 spots for that key phrase, your advantage over 91% of your competition has been grealy increased. But beyond that, let’s look at your advantage over the sites ranking behind you on page 1. Over time, that difference in how many calls YOU get vs how many calls the site below you generates is significant.

Where does the one percent advantage come in? In order to rank your site, you need only be 1% better than your competition. We are experts in the technical aspects of grading out what it takes to get past your competition.

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How Does It Work

1  You click the button at the bottom of the page and send me your contact info

This call is simply to get your info so we can get to work. We will not be selling you any additional services

We get to work on YOUR site

2  We get to work right away on your site and begin the process to getting you more exposure on Googles first page

We call you and show you the results

3  Yep, that is it. If we fail to get you results we will pay you double your money back and continue to work on your site till you get results

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