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How these fake Facebook and LinkedIn profiles tricked people into friending state-backed hackers

ZDnet’s latest hacking story includes an cautionary tale for anyone in the business of social media marketing. For anyone who interacts daily with the big social media networks, security has to be top of mind.

Do read the whole story to understand how crucial it is that social media managers and engagement teams employ a system that protects important social media accounts for their customers. Here, using a password app like LastPass is invaluable for it’s convenience and security. Our own customers routinely get a friendly nudge to take security seriously.

However, the article here detailing this method of hacking would circumvent any password app:

“Cyberespionage activity apparently being conducted on behalf of the Iranian government is targeting organisations in the financial, oil, technology, and sectors, with advanced social engineering based around a single, prolific social media persona that’s absolutely fake. Its goal? To install Trojan malware onto the networks of target organisations.”

No security process is 100 percent safe, when human beings are involved. Be smart out there, and don’t open docs from people you have not vetted. This is another reality that we all have to live with now, in the digital age. Protecting your social media accounts is protecting your Reputation. Take it seriously, and avoid a lot of trouble.