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Firefox upgrades it’s browser… it’s called Quantum

Probably the main tool every Search Engine Marketer, Engineer, and Specialist uses the most is the browser.  Seemingly, the leader is Google Chrome, as it’s integrated with Google, and of late most important of all, fast.

That might have changed.

Mozilla introduced an upgrade to their Firefox browser Tuesday to narrow or surpass that standard.  And what a cool name… Quantum.

Some early tests show it’s speed doubles the gains of previous Firefox versions.

Firefox accounts for 6 percent of browser usage today compared with 55 percent for Chrome and 15 percent for Apple’s Safari. Narrowing it just to personal computers — Mozilla’s primary focus for the Quantum upgrade — Firefox has 13 percent to Chrome’s 64 percent. (See CNET’s exhaustive Firefox Quantum article)

A less publicized detail in this story is that three years into a five-year deal to use Yahoo’s search engine by default in the US when performing searches from Firefox, the nonprofit organization said it’s gone back to Google in the US and Canada.

So, Google’s search dominance has been enhanced.  If your business is not taking advantage of Google being everywhere, give us a call.  Regardless of your biz model, there is a place for using Search to bring in more customers to your bottom line.