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Google Algorithm Update for June 25th, 2017

SEO blogosphere is abuzz about a new update being pushed out from Google. The impact was making it’s way into Search centered forums and social media accounts on the 25th

Google’s algorithm updates aren’t always admitted to, as Google is doing with this one. Sometimes, even after testing, Google will roll one back, or tweak, resulting in sites coming back to the previous ranking.

The only thing constant is change. To ensure our client’s sites don’t get surprises, we:

1) use Content Marketing as our core strategy. Google needs content to determine a site’s relevancy to the terms important to our clients. And in today’s broad content publishing world, there is no shortage of ways to re-purpose good content, and squeeze every advantage out of a single piece.

2) promote authoritative Video channels where our client’s content finds itself. The competition between Facebook Live and Google’s Youtube means there are more eyeballs on those channels. That visibility is a serious advantage for any Local Business, as 90% of the markets out there are not doing video marketing right, if not ignoring it altogether.

3) Use the Channels that Google is watching intently, in ways that helps Google understand our client’s market better. Industry news content is a perfect match for any Local Business, as it tells Google the site is focused on cutting edge change in that industry, and while customers may not want that kind of vivid detail into the goings on of an industry, it does convey that the business is staying on top of things. This kind of content also draws shares on social media sites from other industry leaders, which are terrific authoritative backlinks.

If your not using a content marketing strategy yet in your local business, I can understand. It can be expensive, and when done incorrectly, does not deliver results very quickly. But as the new Google Post innovation proves, Google wants to be fed content by Local businesses. Resist it at your peril, brave Local Biz owners. Now is the time to gain a Technical Advantage over your competition.