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It all starts in Google

Right now thousands of people in your area searching for businesses offering the services you sell. The only catch is they are finding your competition because you are not showing up on the first page…

We can change that!

But first, let’s introduce a groovy concept that can change your business…

Could The ‘One Percent Advantage’ Be Your Next Breakthrough? 

The ‘One Percent Advantage’ is this particular phenomenon that shows, over time, a cumulative advantage of even just 1% over your competition, can be all you need to succeed in many competitive markets.

The rule states that….

“over time the majority of the rewards in a given field will accumulate to the people, teams, and organizations that maintain a 1 percent advantage over the alternatives. You don’t need to be twice as good to get twice the results. You just need to be slightly better.”

The 1 Percent Rule is not merely a reference to the fact that small differences accumulate into significant advantages, but also to the idea that…

Those who are one percent better rule their respective fields and industries.

Thus, the process of accumulative advantage is the hidden engine that drives the well known 80/20 Rule.

It’s a big reason why if you know anyone with a Local Business who has a #1 ranking for relevant keywords, their phone is always consistently ringing. It’s why if they are good people who deliver great service, their customers come back to them, further improving the success of that high ranking for the business’ valued Search Phrases. The one percent advantage works particularly well with Local Search. Here’s why…

For example, in 10 years, a competitor with only a consistent 1% advantage would not have grown by 1 percent, but by 1 percent of the previous years total, including all previous one percent gains.

Let’s ask ourselves this question… where is your site’s Google Map ranking right now for the most obvious Search Phrase for the Service you offer?
If you are ranked anywhere on Page 2 or later, it means 91% of people in YOUR area who should be able to find you, are not.

91% of searchers and seekers of your service NEVER go to page 2.

According to a study done by Optify with data from December 2010 the average CTR for Google US were [1]:

  1. 36.4%  (Imagine Your Site Here)
  2. 12.5%
  3. 9.5%
  4. 7.9%
  5. 6.1%
  6. 4.1%
  7. 3.8%
  8. 3.5%
  9. 3.0%
  10. 2.2%
  11. 2.6%
  12. 1.5%
  13. 1.3%
  14. 1.1%
  15. 1.2%
  16. 1.2%
  17. 1.4%
  18. 1.3%
  19. 1.4%
  20. 1.4%

Chitika also did a sample of the traffic coming into their advertising network from Google. This was done in May 2010. Here are the results [2]:

  1. 34.35%  (Imagine Your Site Here)
  2. 16.96%
  3. 11.42%
  4. 7.73%
  5. 6.19%
  6. 5.05%
  7. 4.02%
  8. 3.47%
  9. 2.85%
  10. 2.71%
  11. 1.11%
  12. 0.85%
  13. 0.70%
  14. 0.57%
  15. 0.48%
  16. 0.39%
  17. 0.33%
  18. 0.28%
  19. 0.27%
  20. 0.29%

Another study by AOL from 2006 (august) had these numbers [3]:

  1. 42.30%   (Imagine Your Site Here)
  2. 11.92%
  3. 8.44%
  4. 6.03%
  5. 4.86%
  6. 3.99%
  7. 3.37%
  8. 2.98%
  9. 2.83%
  10. 2.97%
  11. 0.66%
  12. 0.66%
  13. 0.52%
  14. 0.48%
  15. 0.47%
  16. 0.39%
  17. 0.36%
  18. 0.34%
  19. 0.32%
  20. 0.30%

I know the questions is how many searchers go to page two, but I’m going to include this study despite only showing data for the top-10 results [4]. Here are the results:

  1. 18.2%  (Imagine Your Site Here)
  2. 10.1%
  3. 7.2%
  4. 4.8%
  5. 3.1%
  6. 2.8%
  7. 1.9%
  8. 1.8%
  9. 1.5%
  10. 1.0%

Assume we know how to change that (we do!) and your site is in the top 3 spots for that key phrase, your advantage over 91% of your competition has been greatly increased. But beyond that, let’s look at your advantage over the sites ranking behind you on page 1. Over time, that difference in how many calls YOU get vs how many calls the site below you generates is significant.  Add in the advantage you would have in return business from past customers and their referrals… and that top ranking for a keyword phrase like “YOUR SERVICE/PRODUCT , YOUR CITY”  means your business is GROWING.

Where does the one percent advantage come in? In order to rank your site, you need only be 1% better than your competition on any Google Search Results page.  With your business’ website visible and presenting a good impression on that Search Result page, your chances of being contacted by a prospect who needs your product or service NOW, are greatly enhanced.

And that all starts with an assessment of why your site does not rank on Page 1 of Google for the important Keyword Search phrases right now.  It’s a fact in your business and mine, that “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”

Does your business’ site rank at all for the Search Phrases your prospects are typing in as you read this?

Are you growing consistently and getting the value you need from your current marketing budget?

When you type in an important Search Phrase, do you see only your competitor’s sites offered there?

Do you know why prospects who go to your site today are NOT calling or contacting you?

Having evaluated websites for businesses since 1997, we are experts in the technical aspects of grading out what it takes to get past your competition.

Contact us below to get started on a free assessment and website audit now, and let’s get that 1 percent advantage started working for you!

With our Website Audit, we will evaluate where you are at with your competition.  You will get an accurate assessment of what it will take in regard to resources to get your Google Map rankings ahead of your competition.

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