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Memorial Day 2017 in Austin TX

I would like to take the time out today to honor our Austin Tx Veterans this Memorial Day.

I don’t take for granted that, it’s become a cliche mocked and snickered at by many, truly Freedom isn’t free. My grandfather fought in WW2. One of my fondest memories of him was asking at age 8, after watching a black and white WW2 movie, what it was like. Of course, my 8 year old mind wanted to hear about the super hero feats and gory details.

He replied “Oh, you don’t want to hear about that. Movies leave a lot out.” Many tears later, Grandpa did share the gory details from his time in the Pacific Theater. I guess he knew what he was doing, as it impacted me at a time that I more fully understood the tragedy of death, with such newfound respect for his life.

The sacrifices our Veterans make are real, they pay a price, the time away from their families, from having lived their day to day knowing they are subject to endless dangers that we as “civvies” just don’t.  I am so grateful for the sacrifice of our Veterans. Honoring True Heroes with our recollection of their history, and the meaning they’ve brought to our lives is worth sharing with each other.

Thank you, Veterans. And to everyone let’s have a safe and grateful Memorial Day in Austin Texas for 2017.